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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-01-10, 00:10)Milhouse Wrote: I tried a few H265 samples with #0108, no problems - stutter free - but that is without subtitles.

I then added a simple (non-insane) ASS subtitle and it introduced occasional stutter, so subtitles do seem to be a small issue.

Example video: Friends.h265.Sample.mkv (11MB dropbox) with Friends.h265.Sample.ass subtitle file (this isn't the correct subtitle file for the video, just a subtitle demonstration so don't worry about the words having no relation to the video!)

#0106 H265+ASS seems to be stutter free with subtitles (assuming you can avoid a deadlock!)
#0107 H265+ASS deadlocks almost every time at start of playback
#0108 H265+ASS occasional stutter, seems to rarely deadlock (although it did once)

Can upload debug logs if required (ie. if not reproducible).

After more extensive testing on another setup (CEC with TV remote instead of Yatse) using build #0107 and #0108, I got exactly same result. With build #0108, stutter kept repeating every one minute or two, audio was normal but video pause for about one second or two and then catch up again.
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