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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-01-22, 10:29)vandamme Wrote: So what's the best way to sync a/v, PLL adjust or Resampling ?
By default resampling is enabled, and it seems to work well ...

It depends.

Passthrough audio means audio isn't decode by arm so requires less CPU.
You can only resample non-passthrough audio.
Resampling takes more cpu than pll adjust.
Resampling can cause a wow/flutter effect (audio speeding up/slowing down) as sync is adjusted.
Adjust pll is bit exact. Resampling is not.
Some receivers/TVs may produce dropouts with adjust pll (especially at higher levels)
Adjust PLL is more experimental and Pi specific so may break with videoplayer updates.

The CPU usage is important on Pi1 when CPU is limited. It is less critical on Pi 2.
Resampling theoretically reduces audio quality, however I suspect very users have equipment and ears of sufficient quality to tell the difference.

The default of passthrough disabled and using resampling is probably best for most users. It is well tested and works in all cases.
Pi 1 users, or users who want the theoretically better quality audio may prefer adjust pll.

Like most features (especially in a test build thread), try them both and decide which you prefer. Report back here which you like.
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