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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-01-23, 11:30)vandamme Wrote: I would be very surprised if Kodi could play encrypted ISO Blurays ....

Use Makemkv or AnyDVD to remove encryption.

Hi! libaacs is included in Kodi - so playback of protected 2D-iso or even 2D discs directly from a connected bluray drive is not a problem (simply copy a 'keydb.cfg' with the correct VUK to the network-share \configfiles\aacs on the pi).
The only thing that isn't working is playback of 3D isos/discs because at some stage a procedure is called that should detect the type of a file (most likely from the ssif file) and this fails because it's encrypted... I guess the wrong disc-handle is used because usually libbluray+libaacs should decrypt the file transparently when it is accessed.

But you're right with one thing - BD+ is really a problem, but at the moment only 10% of my discs are BD+ protected so it is something I can live with...

Basically I'd like to store all things as untouched as possible and this means that I don't want to remove the protection and usually it shouldn't be necessary - so hopefully popcornmix or koying can take a look at this problem and find a fix for it Smile
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