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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-01-04, 17:42)niwa2 Wrote: Hi, i started using a PI2 with the #1203 build and a couple of things have bugged me since:
1) with 3D MVC iso files there is no language information for the audio streams and the subtitles --> i have already reported this in the old Kodi 16 thread. As i understand this is due to not using libbluray in this case and fixing this is not trivial at all. Is this beeing worked on?

I'm with niwa2 that this is really annoying - I think it might not be a problem for users that want the english language that is usually the first in the list - but in case you prefer to watch a movie for example in german it's getting complicated.
As there are no language names available Kodi can't select the proper track from the beginning, so you need to wait until something is spoken and next have to try one audio stream after the other because you also don't know which is the right one.. you can only listen if the spoken language is the supposed one Wink

Would be great if we could get language names again.

The same problem is also available for subtitles - they are also all labelled 'Unbekannt' (unknown).

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