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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
I have been installing dailies for the past week and somewhere along the line the play/pause and stop buttons on my TV remote stopped working. A problem with the CEC? I can't say for sure when it started though... sorry. I mainly wanted to test the HEVC playback functionality on my RPI3, which is much better than on my RPI2 but still not quite there for 720p, still stutters at times and 1080p is a no go for now, to be expected, I guess.

Anyone else experienced this Remote Control issue? Any steps I can do to help reproduce, short of reverting to 6.0.3? I used default install with Estuary theme. Foolishly switched to the touch interface skin without any option to go back to Estuary so I was forced to delete the userdata.xml for the skin...
Maybe that contributed to the Remote Control problem?

I am a dummy... the remote was set to VCR for those buttons specifically... all working fine for the Remote... false alarm.

Another thing though, I have read about sound issues in previous posts, now this might be unrelated but ever since Openelec5 I think. whenever I turn on the TV my RPI leaves suspend mode as it should (CEC setting) and the TV switches to the HDMI port RPI is connected to. So far so good. However, the Hifi System is connected via coax and optical directly to the TV and I do not get any sound out of it unless I either do a quick tap on the "Test Channels" on the speakers (where white noise is played) or switch input source to something else and then back to KODI, if I don't do that, KODI will remain silent. No biggie really as I always just press the "Test Channels" button on my Hifi Remote and I am not sure it really is KODI or maybe my Hifi setup, altough as I said, it did work at some point before...

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