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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-03-31, 13:30)toppot Wrote: Experiencing a few strange behaviors - coming from 6.0.3, /flash is only 256 Mb (but all updates has been running no probs - so far).

I am using Rapier skin. I am aware that I shouldn't - and that some controls like sound/video settings + CEC are not working, but when I need those I switch to Estuary... However (besides the lack of adding top level many items, and some other) the main reason I run with Rapier is due to some strange bug in TV mode (with Estuary). Some HD channels take 3-5 seconds to start, some mostly fails.. SD works fine. My TVHeadend is running on another server (Debian). With Rapier all channels (actually except 1, but that is just crazy strange - and only if I start in that channel) tune in in ~1 second...

I currently run 319 - and have some small issues with small pauses in audio, and some issues with stability, lock ups and problems with CEC after the TV has been off.. Have tried most CEC settings, not entirely sure what the problem is - It was perfect under 6.0.3..

With 329 (it did act strange on first boot - and believe it only came out off endless kodi.bin restarts when it/I killed waiting for pvr... But even with pvr.tvh enabled I dont have TV enabled under Rapier... It is enabled under Estuary, but as mentioned above.. Not usable..

Does anybody have inputs to why Live TV is working worse with Estuary than with RapierHuh? And perhaps could provide some ideas to what to change in the settings for Estuary to get TV to work better??
(actually just had an experience with 319+Estuary where TV was played back as audio - with some crazy artwork, and attempting to find lyrics.. ALL channels Sad

I just now installed 330... Better (if still a bit slow channel change)... But: still no Live TV under Rapier Sad

EDIT: This is all on rpi2.
EDIT: With Rapier that refuses to show "Live TV" in the menu (or allowing it to be selected in the skin setup), I CAN start TV playback from the iOS remote app.... And channel change is happy as ever.... EPG and everything is just working... I am aware this is not a "Rapier skin" topic... But this only appeared someware after 320... (I think I jumped from 319 to 322.. later 324, 329 and 330)..

If you use Rapier for Kodi 17, you really should use my development repo. All issues you mention are fixed now and most of them have been fixed for a while.
Features are added quickly, so keeping the skin up to date with the latest nightlies in the official repo is not possible.
The development repo is updated once or several times a week, while the official repo is updated once a month or even longer.

The Rapier 10.1.0 update just pushed to the official repo fixes all your above mentioned issues.

Read how to install my development repo here.
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