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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-04-01, 02:13)Milhouse Wrote:
(2016-04-01, 01:14)garm Wrote: Hi,
I have some problems with the #331 and earlier versions.

If i want to watch some Anime/TVShows/Movies sometimes the Video just freeze and I have to hard reset my pi2
I tested to wait 30 min and it did go futher 1sec or something.

On my other pi2 with the regular version I don't have issues with the files. Thats about the only test I can do.

Maybe someone have time to look into my log file and tell me what I can do to fix it.

Its not really a crash, but maybe log file helps anyway.

Thanks for your time

Your log isn't showing much, and it doesn't have debug enabled. I can see you are performing a video library scan, try disabling that to see if it helps.

Also try disabling all third-party addons by testing with a "clean" system:
systemctl stop kodi
mv /storage/.kodi /storage/.kodi.back
systemctl start kodi
and see if the freezing continues - you can delete /storage/.kodi and restore your original setup once you are done testing. If the freezing doesn't happen with a clean system, it's likely one of your addons is misbehaving.

oh didnt know I had to activate it.

tried the "clean" mode with renaming and trying the same file the freezing still continues.

renamed it back and put it on debug mode:
kodi.log file

kodiold.log (don't know why this one is so big)

Sorry forgot to make an log from the clean mode if you want I can make next time one in clean state

Thanks for your help

Edit: Will try to reencode maybe some codec or something is missing and thats why some Videos are working others don't
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