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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-04-05, 11:17)toppot Wrote: Also: an update and a question. I am now on Libreelec 405. Is that the same as openelec 404Huh I am confused how come versions are not exactly the same, and how come openelec builds appear to be slightly more frequent than Libreelec (this one is for you Milhouse..)

LE #0405 is pretty much the same as OE #0404. Not exactly the same, as obviously it contains LE enhancements, which is why I'm not attempting to keep the build id in step - they're not the same (but close).

OE builds appear more frequently because OE is still the basis for my "official" builds, and I'm producing LE builds only as-and-when (you'll also notice they're completely without documentation or changelogs, so pretty much unsupported). That will all change when I'm able to make the switch to LE 100%.

(2016-04-05, 11:17)toppot Wrote: This (Libreelec 0405) seems VERY stable for me - only problem still remaining since 3xx (both Openelec and Libreelec) is that somehow it seems that when idling for a long time the RPI2 seems to freeze.. Not sure if it is when I turn on TV (CEC remote), or just from the idling... All in CEC and screensaver is set to NOT sleep (it dims the screen, thats all) - but still this problem.
(killing kodi is often possible, but not always). And this is not from 5 min. idling (when screensaver kicks in), but perhaps after 1+ hour...

I'm not seeing this problem at all, and my RPi3 is on 24x7 and idle most of that time (Dim screensaver @ 3 minutes, "suspend" enabled @ 15 minutes). However CEC is disabled as it's only connected to a computer monitor... are you able to disable CEC and see if that helps?
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