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is there a possibility to set a language tag for a movie, or even better have it set automatically from the language of the audio stream?

I find it quite annoying that scraping all my movies renames the ones with non English titles to English instead of looking up the corresponding scrape infos in the language the title is in. Furthermore would I find it helpful to see at first glance which language the movie is in, as I have some movies in English and in German.


+1, and with dual language support please.

I saw some XBMC nfo files which had <audio> tags per audio stream, containing channels, encoding and language. I don't know if tmm can generate them. It would be great if that information would be displayed in tmm and could be used for automatic renaming as well as scraping. The current renamer can pick one stream from the file and add e.g. "dts-6ch" to the file name. I'd like something similar to

<movie title>.<year>.<audio1_language>-<audio1_encoding>-<audio1_channel>.<audio2_language>-<audio2_encoding>-<audio2_channel>[,,,]


Would be really nice to have, its the only thing keeping me from being able to use the otherwise great renamer.
Big Thank You to all the devs for a really awesome media manager, best one for linux Smile

EDIT: Sorry, just found the [feature request] thread for audio language renaming.
well, we write it correctly into the NFO, with all the streams & co.

For renaming, the $L language replacement can be used.
It's not based on audio streams, it's a seperate field which can be set on a movie.

Problem with long names is the fact, that if you read/reload it without having a NFO, you are not able to distinguish between audio/subtitle languages, and what to parse...
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My main problem with the $L replacement is, that it does not relate to the channel/encoding of the audio stream. The home media releases oftentimes have differently encoded streams per language, where $L produces

Serenity.(2005).de-en.dts-6ch.mkv where it should be Serenity.(2005).ger-ac3-6ch.eng-dts-6ch.mkv

Secondly, i think that "Spoken Language" field is used by the scrapers to store the languages spoken in the original recording, and I don't want to edit it for each movie manually and then make sure it does not get overwritten when rescraping something.

When parsing file names you could use the first language code as the movies main language, or just ignore the file name and use the language of the first audio stream.
+1, and with dual language support please. like:


or simlified Serenity.(2005).ger.eng.mkv
Hey, after my last post I wrote a bash script to do the renaming, after creating a nfo using tmm. Forgot to upload it, sorry. There are no guarantees, but for me it works well in Linux/Bash.

Output: Serenity.2005.1080p-x264.ger-ac3-6ch.eng-dts-6ch.mkv
Is there a possibility of searching using the language tag? I can't seem to find such an option in the "filter by" menu.

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