Release - Amber now updated for Jarvis\v16

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misa Offline
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I want to change a button in Amber Jarvis skin > the button when you close Kodi. What's the name of that button where you have the menu Close/restart etc.
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DanielPT Offline
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Hi all.

I ahve been using Amber for a LONG time! Love it!

I used it with Openelec but now im tryning LibreElec. I saw that im on version 2.2.8 of Amber.

But i can read on google there is a 3.0? Im confused?

Regards Daniel
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mjbxx Offline
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Amber 2.2.8 is the final release for Kodi 16 Jarvis. Could be that Amber 3.0 is related to the new Kodi 17 Krypton version.
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BURJUY Offline
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Installed latest version on Android TV box. Kodi jarvis.
When Im viewing video i cant rewind it seems not activated i mean impossible to click on a certain area of the progress bar in order to skip through video.
How to fix this?
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franklopez Offline
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I'm using Krypton version on windows 10.

I've noticed a bug, I've installed this skin through the kodi interface search.

when i'm watching a movie the language change icon doesn't work, it opens the language change window and subtitles but the window doesn't stay opened,
as we move the mouse out of the icon the window closes, even if we click it the window still disappears on mouse out and I cant change the audio language of the movie.

I think this skins is very fast, has a cool design, and has a nice UI/UX.

Please correct this bug asap, I have a lot of dual audio animation movies and I had to whatch the movie with Movie Player Home Cinema Because of This.
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