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Release Featherence [Leia]
Current skinning engine: 5.14.0 - Kodi Leia.
Krypton, Jarvis and Helix Version are also available in Featherence Repo.


watch gallery

- 4 2D buttons effects: Bevel, Shadow, Overlay and Stroke effects are available across the entire skin.
- 8 Layouts: Panel/2/3, Horizontal/2/3, Vertical RTL/LTR.
- 6 Buttons shapes: Rectangles, Rectangles R10, Pillows, Hexagons, Circles, Triangles.
- 6 Views: Center List, Line, Poster, Small List, Side List, and Wall.
Most views have about 10 different settings to fit your preference.
- 11 AutoView setup: Movies, TV shows, Seasons, Episodes, Movies Sets, Actors, Genres, Years, Countries, Studios and Directors.
- 1:1 realtime home design capability. Customized is at the top level, superb easy and fun!
- Build creator: Allow to create your own build in a very unique way.
Also used to save and load previously backups.
- Coloring: Everything can be colored exactly as you want, preview is included.
- DVD Cases: Support display of DVD cases and discs across the skin.
- ExtendedInfo support (Movies/TV/Seasons/Episodes/Actors/Directors/AutoComplete..)
- Fanart: Over 10 properties for fanarts! Including 2 layers of colors and textures.
- Integrated video screen and OSD: Keep watching your video while navigating on any window/view, Video player OSD included!
- Genres: 74 hard coded Genres images are insuring to always be seen in your prefered language.
- Mouse: Full mouse support across the skin.
- Multi Languages: Default buttons's labels may change to your current system language if you require.
That's feature will work too when loading a shared build.
- Overlay: Up to 10 different values of overlay for any buttons/menus, preview is included.
- Reposition: Movement of objects maybe done automatic, aka RTL and LTR - simply depend on system language.
Movment of home buttons in the skin design window are matching the current layout 1:1.
- Subtitles: The subtitles window display current and previously choosen subtitles, include a Smart Search button and even auto switch between hosts if required.
Subtitle OSD show country language flag and can be used to offset subtitle.
- User customized media: Choose your favourite startup music, video and pictures slideshow music.
- Password Lock: Lock your prefered buttons with a password.
- Web browser: Launch your default OS internet browser from within Kodi.
- Widget: unwatched/recently added movies and inprogress/recently added TV shows (10/15/20 etc).
Additionaly support: Play trailer or up to 20 random trailers, manual/auto refresh, random fanart from widgets..
- Customized Widget: Create up to 10 widgets for each button.

Download Featherence
Cheers will test
It's probably a good idea to add which version of Kodi the skin is targeted at, I assume Jarvis and have links to the required addons that are not in the Kodi repo.
- Added current skinning engine information.
- Added link to the required service addon.

Thanks Smile

featherence v0.1.3 (16-Dec-15)
- Option to reposition dialog Yes/No, OK, Busy, Progress...
- Option to force static transperancy for unfocused buttons.
- Option to show rolling disc art.
- Option coloring buttons label & icons.
- Top information auto align by language.
- Show Tips on wait (optional).
- Widget display genre & duration.
- Major Update Horizontal & Vertical views.
- Major design updates across the skin.
- Major bugs fix.
Great job ! very nice skin -light and good looking.
Looks nice. Does it use Clearart/Character art at all?
Featherence v0.2.0 (22-Dec-15)
- Added few more colors options.
- Added default startup music.
- Option to enlarge selected thumbnail.
- Option to hide selector frame.
- Option to color selector frame.
- Option to fade out unfocused thumbnails for some views.
- Minor update default design.
- Update views.
- Update inprogress and watched markers.
- Update scrollbar.
- Update edit manual color module.
- *Major update save/load script.
*Previous backups will not work.

i will appreciate more feedbacks if you may have.

I am not sure what is Clearart.. Care to explain?

Very nice Job.

btw, clearart is one kind of many arts you can find in fanart.tv website.
go to the end you'll see.

you can use it if your skin support artwork downloader.
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Thanks m8 i am glad you like it!
About clearart i start to understand now.

Added clear fanart support to the skin WIP.

Hello From The Holy Land...
Featherence v0.2.2 (01-Jan-16)
- Added PVR support.
- Option to enlarge Side List view for extra information.
- Option to toggle fanart size for Side List view.
- Update default settings.
- Update autoview script.
- Update ExtendedInfo buttons.
- Update views.
- Backup script now support all languages.
- Minor bugs fix.
hi mate, sorry to ask this, would it be possible to add enigma2 like channel list?
Don't be sorry as I am too can't help you out Wink
Feel free to ask any question regarding Featherence.
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