Win HOW TO - Fix Loss of HDMI Audio After Resume from Sleep Using an EDID Override
So, finally got around to following the steps in the first post... (wish I had done this years ago -literally years, ugh, I just hate getting out the mouse and keyboard for the HTPC)


I used to frequently have to re-select the proper audio to get everything working just right. Not any more.
I came across this post while searching for an answer to this problem and it seems I found it.  However, once I had the new .inf file, I had problems replacing the driver so thought I would try just replacing the monitor.inf file in the INF folder.

I renamed the original monitor.inf to monitor.inf.old, then copied the monitor.inf created by Monitor Asset Manager to the C:\Windows\INF folder.

After a reboot, everything worked fine, audio present after resuming from Sleep without having to go into Test mode etc., making it a much more straightforward fix.
Have you lost HDMI audio after resuming from Sleep?

(2018-11-10, 11:34)bron2 Wrote: Have you lost HDMI audio after resuming from Sleep?
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@Klojum there are other websites that will help, I do not need anything from you anymore. No
(2018-11-11, 10:40)bron2 Wrote: there are other websites that will help, I do not need anything from you anymore.
Huh..? You never clearly indicated you needed help, and I haven't provided you any help. So I have no clue what you are babbling about.

If you have a problem with Kodi or the device it runs on, feel free to open a new topic thread. Don't hijack some elses thread like you did this time.
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(2018-11-11, 14:17)bron2 Wrote: you have a hostile attitude, and you are tiny.
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Is this working for anyone using an AVR (mine is Denon x4300H) and a Projector?

I tried this and its not working... still pushing the Kodi into a 1/4 screen sized window in the upper left.

I know its loading the EDID driver (INF).

thx for the help
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
I don't think this is meant to solve the resizing issue of Kodi. It is probably related, but I don't think it will do the job.
Thank you very much @Warner306.
I follow your process step by step and it solved my loss of audio after resume BUT NOT after power on.
Do you have some tricks like that in this case?
Try the Pin 19 trick? Always reboot Windows when the PC is powered on, if possible? Don't really have any other ideas...
Hey,  the EDID works for my TV LG E6 OLED TV. 

but I have question.  when I put it on turn off like the screen is OFF but the TV still on. not the same like Turn Off Screen from Windows.  From the remote I choose just to turn OFF the display.  Usually when I keep it like this more than 10-20 min the TV would go OFF to Standby, RED LIGHT on the TV means it's totally turned off.

How can I keep this? from the MonInfo I can see there is EDIT EDID and you can select Feature Support Standby Suspend Active Off,  but then there is Video Input, which one do I use? It defaults to DVI-d/i. Should I need to change it to HDMI because that's what I'm using? but which one, HDMI-a or HDMI-b.

And would those settings unselected still work? YCrCb 4:4:4 and YCrCB 4:2:2 because they are unselected.  I can't understand, it's editing a fresh EDID and letting me select what should work?

Can anyone help with this?

I am connected HDMI from LG C6 to Geforce 1080GTX.  3D and HDR works and all the modes works without editing EDID, just by saving it and installing it works.  but auto standby doesn't work after 10-20min like it used to.
Seems like need to select the Feature Support to add the EDID to have them.  but there are other settings I don't understand if to change.

What are the differences between Standby, Suspend, Active Off ?
Does this still work on the latest Windows 10?

On Win 10 version 1909, I get "best Driver already installed" when trying to update the custom inf file.

Also if I manually delete the driver and right click and install the inf file, the driver installed is still the one from Microsoft and not form entechtaiwan.

Is there any fix for this annoying problem working in 2020?
I haven't tried it in a long time, so I'm not sure if Windows still accepts custom drivers. You could also try the Pin 19 trick mentioned. Or leave the PC powered on at all times.

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HOW TO - Fix Loss of HDMI Audio After Resume from Sleep Using an EDID Override3
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