Easier music playlist making or importing
In wellknown programms such as Windows Media Player, or MucisBee, it is just a matter of drag and drop to add music or musicvideo's to a playlist. I was hoping this is something that could be done in Kodi too. In my opinion, a good implementation would have the following things possible:

* See directly what songs and video's are in the list.
* Being able to scroll through that list
* Beiing able to change song position
* Being able to delete or replicate a song
* Save the playlist

If this is not easy to implement, I would like it to be easy to import playlists made in other programms, such as Windows Media Player or MusicBee. In those programms it is made very easy to create a playlist. I would be nice if you could import such a list and start playing all those songs you selected.
Have you tried the playlist editor in the music section? You can reach it through the home screen of the music library==>playlists==>new playlist

It is however not as comfortable as desired to be fair.

Here is another thread about playlist handling in kodi


There are some others.
I will try that, thank you.
What I normally do is try to make a playlist in WMP or MusicBee, but I can't make it work in Kodi.`
Along these lines, Kodi can read m3u playlist encoded as UTF-8, but when it writes it I believe PlayListM3U forces conversion of UTF-8 to ANSI. So the effect is that an M3U playtlist generated from UTF-8 character filenames, or music tag data, is unusable in Kodi (or any other software) since UTF-8 characters that don't map to ANSI are just omitted from the output.

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It should be simple to import or create a playlist with a fabulous program such as Kodi. If it converses normal playlists that are perfectly readible/playable in other media player software, it must have a reason for that. But why?
It is perfectly possible to open & edit existing playlists with the music playlist editor.


To create a new playlist within Kodi you use the Now Playing screen, see http://kodi.wiki/view/Now_Playing

It's far from ideal how it's handled at the moment, but all things should be possible.
Thanks jjd-uk, I will look into that.
I have been trying to get my m3u playlists imported into Kodi for the last 4 days, I have read many, many subjects and tips etc. I have Kodi running on my FireTV and Media Monkey running on my Windows 7 box. My music files are kept on my netgear NAS.

The problem is that when I import the m3u file (open/save playlist from Kodi music library menu), the path for the song gets automatically appended with an additional path. The path ends up being both the original song path and a new smb: path hashed together in a single line.

I have worked with the advanced setting files and actually deleted it and found that it still happens.

I just stumbled upon the "sources.xml" file and noticed that the "music" path matches what is being automatically spliced into the song paths in my imported m3u files. I believe that this entry for "music" in the sources file is what is modifying the m3u files.

Secondly, I would like to use the advanced settings "path substituion" function to direct the factory default Kodi playlist store, special://profile/playlists to smb:// (my network NAS location for playlists). I will also add another path sub for the actual paths listed for the song locations. This will end up directing the playlist song path from \\<hostname>\Public\Music to smb://

All I have to do is figure out how to stop the imported m3u files from being automatically appended with the "sources.xml" music path.
WooHoo!! I got it to work!!!

To summarize, I have both my m3u playlist files and media files/songs stored on my NAS. I do not have to import anything into Kodi. I use Media Monkey to manage my music. Kodi is running on my FireTV box.

I click on the playlists listing within Kodi and I see all of my playlists that are stored on my NAS. I use Media Monkey to change,sort,& modify the playlists rather than do it in Kodi. Media Monkey can sort the songs and build the playlists any way that I see fit, dozens of options.

I right click on any playlist in Kodi and select play to play my music direct from my NAS drive.

Here is a copy of my advanced settings file:

<from>special://profile/playlists/music/</from> <---This line is the Kodi default playlist path/directory, "special" replaces a long user related path)
<to>smb://SEAGATE-42F1AC/Public/Music/Playlists/</to> <----This line "maps" the line above to my NAS path for my m3u files from media monkey
<from>\\SEAGATE-42F1AC\Public\Music\</from> <----this line is the path to each song contained within the m3u files, relative vs.absolute path
<to>smb://SEAGATE-42F1AC/Public/Music/</to> <---this line maps the line above to the Kodi friendly path of my NAS song directories

It took me a very long time to figure out the syntax, slashes, punctuation etc. Each time resetting Kodi before testing. Pay very close attention to the exact syntax and forward/reverse slashes etc.I started out using the advanced settings addon tool but then opted to manually edit the file via WinSCP/Putty FTP client.

I also started out by importing the m3u files into Kodi rather than try to re-map the paths to the NAS locations, I should not have done this. Do not add any sources for m3u or media files/songs. I literally have no music or playlist sources listed in the music section of Kodi.

I actually got the first path sub statements working first. As soon as my NAS playlists showed up in the Kodi Music GUI I added the second path sub statements that redirect Kodi to the actual song files, basically added "smb:" to the front of my existing NAS song paths.

In the previous post I imported my m3u files into Kodi and then tried to remap the song paths from there. I deleted the music entry in the sources.xml file in an attempt to modify the paths in the imported m3u files. I do not think that this is required now that I do not need to import anything into Kodi.

Thanks for this. I will read this later on and see if I can use this method too.
Thanks for the hint. I managed to map my playlist folder and my music folder to Kodi.
I have stumbled over this problem and was able , with moshmanns post, to have my playlists displayed from my NAS on the kodi. So thanks for the help posted.
Unfortunately the playlists are empty , all songs are marked with 0. and cannot be played.
I must be going wrong somewhere. Any thoughts ?
thank you @moschmann for this post, which led me in the right direction. BTW I am also using MediaMonkey.
I don't understand why Kodi does not do sth as including playlists from an external source out of the box. Almost any media player would do.

In my case, the playlists use relative path information, so substitution of a fixed network share string would not work to find the mp3's within the playlists. After a while, I realized that the mp3's would show in the playlists as special://profile/playlists/<relative path>/filename.mp3.
Thus my path subst part looks like (and works):
        <!-- https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2251433 -->
        <!-- import playlists from NAS without import of music files -->
            <!-- This line is the Kodi default playlist path/directory, "special" replaces a long user related path) -->
             <!-- This line "maps" the line above to my NAS path for my m3u files from media monkey -->
            <!-- this line is the path to each song contained within the m3u files, relative vs.absolute path -->
            <!-- this line maps the line above to the Kodi friendly path of my NAS song directories -->
Is there any news about this? Will it work out of the box, or do we still need to fiddle and puzzle?
I was able to figure it out. My NAS is a synology DS214play.
Here is my advancedsettings.xml file. For some reason it provides information where the playlist is, then also where the mp3's are located. Works like a charm !


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