Request: Video screensaver
many people happen to have fireplace videos or aquarium videos that would be nice to be able to play as a screensaver.

i looked at alex's startup sound script and it looks very easy (when you allready have it). i replaced the mp3 with a video and sure enough it played.

but that doesn't quite do it Smile i really have no idea how to make it start when the xbox has been idle for a given time.

also looping would be nice.

anyone feel like doing something like that?
my 2 cents; i think a video screensaver could be made much better and more efficient if in native xbox/xbmc(c++), like this (link)
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maybe the startup script could in someway be combined with vultilions shutdowntimer to create what you're looking for? i had a quick look at it and maybe the "xbmc.shutdown()"
could be replaced with "xbmc.executescript('q:\\scripts\\')"? or something else from one of the startup scripts...

can't try it out myself here.
yes i agree gametester17, that would be the best. i just thought it would be nice to have something until that happens. even if it would be very simple.

vultilions script only executes after a given time but not after xbmc has been in idle for a certain time. maybe there is no such function? or a way to check if any media is running?
sounds like a great still lovin the matrix trails screensaver atm....but a looping vid would be cool
I use VisiSaver for such goal.

flasher Wrote:I use VisiSaver for such goal.


This is for xbox :-D
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