Current state and vision about AudioDSP
Vision about AudioDSP
I like to see AudioDSP enabled per default. Consequently it will process all audio signal processing tasks. Furthermore I would like to see internal modes, which are able to modify ffmpeg parameters for audio inside ActiveAE.
One of the next steps for our add-ons is to get the continous integration builds working with Travis CI, Appveyor and native installers for every platform that Kodi supports. This will give us the possibility to release add-ons without our normal merge windows and e.g. let us create something similiar to an add-on market. I guess we could use repository add-ons for that task. I'm already able to compile the add-ons for Linux, Windows and OS X, but the deployment processing is still missing. Both services are very great because you can nicely integrate them into your general workflow with Github. On every commit you create it will build the add-ons for you, which is very awesome because you can see if it works or not on other platfroms without setting up the build environment locally. If someone creates an pull request against your add-on repository it will also start a new build job and show the status on the pull request page. Very similiar to our jenkins server but without setting up an external server or deal with jenkins jobs. If you wanna use the services just copy the files appveyor.yml and .travis.yml to your project. Then login with your Github account and enable the build for your repository. How awesome is that?Big Grin
This will give 3rd party developers, which are not part of the team the possibility to work on binary add-ons and deploy them very easily on hopefully all platforms that are supported by Kodi.

For deployment I plan to use Bintray, which is also free for open source projects. With that you can manage your releases. If you don't like this service you can use Github releases.

You see I'm currently working more on backend tasks, which will help others or me to faster develop AudioDSP add-ons for many platforms without much effort. I also started to work port and extend asplib which will be finished soon. You can track the current status here.

I have many ideas for add-ons, but I'm not sure if I will find the time to implement them all. Hopefully one dayWink

This is list:
  • adsp.xconvolver, which I have already started. This add-on will include a convolution engine for FIR-filters. This filters can be used for binaural, room correction, digital crossover filters, cross-talk cancellation ...
  • adsp.dynamics that would bring a compressor and
  • adsp.remapper to map audio channels inside Kodi without the need of an OS audio mixer
  • many more, I guess I have to extend the list in the future Wink
Latest news about AudioDSP and my libraries is available on Twitter.

Developers can follow me on Github.

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