Current state and vision about AudioDSP
When will it be available?
The first step with the merge of AudioDSP inside Kodi's code base is already done. But all AudioDSP related stuff should be seen as a ongoing project. Now we can continously improve things like bug fixing, working on add-ons, port them to other platforms that are supported by Kodi and so on.

Can I use AudioDSP with passthrough?
No that is not possible, because a passtrough stream contains raw audio data and will not be encoded by ActiveAE. Consquently AudioDSP is not able to process your requested audio stream.
But ffmpeg (Kodi's basic decoder for everything) is able to decode the most audio formats, which makes it possible to use AudioDSP for almost all audio streams without passtrough. I only used passtrough before AudioDSP was available. Blush Now I use multichannel pcm and enjoy the freesurround add-on for stereo streams.

How can I contribute?
Any contribution is welcome. E.g. you could fork one of our add-ons at kodi-adsp and start working on it. Afterwards send us an PR and we can try to merge your work. Also skinning is very welcome. If you're familiar with signal processing and know how to code algorithms in C/C++ you're welcome tooBig Grin
So please let me know your interest by starting a new thread or writting me a private message. For more information on how to contribute please read our how to get involved page, coding conventions and how to submit a patch.
But please stop asking me if adsp.xconvolver is available for platform X or when will be addon Z available at X. When there is a release or something to test I'm sure that I will create a new post about it.

Where can I find documentation about AudioDSP?
Currently no where Blush until Alwinus is finished with the add-on library rework. A preview of his work is available here. We are in an early stage and more heavily involved in development for AudioDSP. But the C-API is now very stable. In future you could use my adsp.template, which will make it very easy to integrate new processing algorithms. A preview can be seen here and here.
Latest news about AudioDSP and my libraries is available on Twitter.

Developers can follow me on Github.

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