Current state and vision about AudioDSP
(2017-07-08, 01:08)garbear Wrote: Good job! Glad to hear so much is getting done.

UX tip: Remove both verbose Apply buttons and replace with a single "Revert" or "Reset".
Thank you. Right I had a lot of success during the last weeks and I'm moving forward very quickly.

As I'm not 100% sure what the UI have to look, I'm open to any discussion.

These buttons where requested by some users to have the ability to change the processing chain without imidiatly hear the changes through your speakers when an audio stream is present. I'm also not 100% sure if this will increase the usability because a lot of people are confused by these setting.

I like your approach to use a "Reset" or "Revert" button. But what would happen if I press "Revert" or "Reset"? I guess "Revert" should revert the last step you changed in the UI, which could be a lot of work to implement properly. Also I'm not sure if this would be used very frequently.
I think "Reset" would be more convient as it would reset the entire chain to the state when you opened the processing manager, right?
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