Current state and vision about AudioDSP
Sorry community for the late response, I'm currently very very busy and don't have much time for Kodi. Because I communicated to the team that I currently don't have time to contribute to AudioDSP V2.0 we decided to remove the entire code section as it didn't work and keeping code corpses isn't good for the project.
The rework is still available at my Github account but needs more love to get a stable system. I definitely want to continue the development when I have more time for Kodi again. Until now I already spend ~160h for the concept and the actual state of the implementation. If I don't continue the work it would be wasted time... Confused

Furthermore I'm now in the situation that I can share one reason why I actually don't have much time for Kodi and AudioDSP V2.0. Very early during AudioDSP add-on development I noticed that it is very hard to develop and analyze C/C++ signal processing applications. I always tried to find a good workflow or tool that would help me to quickly develop or verify my signal processing algorithms. But until today it seems to me that there isn't a real tool which would suit my needs. To be honest it needs so much effort to develop ~100 lines of DSP code with the existing tools. More effort is needed if you want to integrate that into an AudioDSP add-on. To cut a long story short, I definitly don't want to spend so much time for developing DSP stuff.
This was the reason why I started to write my own tool. I already put a lot more effort and time into the concept. Every day it is getting better and better. But more effort and time is needed to turn it into a real development tool. If you want to follow the progress of the tool you can follow this Twitter account: Developing such a huge project in my spare time isn't the perfect working conditation which is why I try to create a business for it.

If the tool gets into a better shape and is more stable I will continue to work on AudioDSP V2.0. You will definitly be notified when I have some news  about AudioDSP. Nod
Latest news about AudioDSP and my libraries is available on Twitter.

Developers can follow me on Github.

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