Current state and vision about AudioDSP
(2019-12-22, 03:09)AchimTuran Wrote: Hi community,

today I like to announce that I will continue the work on AudioDSP. During the last days I started to review the work I did in my library asplib (Achim's Signal Processing LIBrary), which is was the base of adsp.biquad.filters and adsp.xconvolver. The library will get a rework and some modules will be dropped as they are no longer required with my new toolchain. More informations about my toolchain will follow in the future. It took some time to develop, which was on of the reasons why I was not around in the forum or continued to work on AudioDSP. I really learned a lot from this project and my C/C++ signal processing workflow evolved a lot over the last two years and it is now a lot easier for me to test my algorithms with existing tools like Python, Octave or MATLAB. Furthermore the toolchain will help me to develop algorithms, test them without any dependency to AudioDSP and will make it possible to deliver them faster into the AudioDSP add-ons. More updates about my workflow will follow. Wink

Here are some first results, which I did during the last two days.
   fast convolution test               biquad test                     compressor test

During the time of writing I currently don't have any dead lines or can't say when you will be able to use AudioDSP again. Honestly AudioDSP is a big spare time project and it will need some time to suit my vision, which is one of the reasons why I will not officially mention any dead lines. Cool

But I will create a milestone plan that you can see what are my next steps. Moreover I will try to share the current state here in the forum or on Twitter.

Hi AchimTuran,

I have been visiting the audio DSP section of Kodi forum time by time with less and less hope that this addon will be available ever again. You can imagine how glad I was when read your post about restarting the work. I am still forced to use very old Libreelec 7.90.008 version which had an updated version of your old addon and works like a charm. Actually that is the most stable part of the system Smile
This is running on my kitchen internet radio based on an RPi and Hifiberry amp. I could not upgrade to newer releases due to lack of equalizer.

I also suggest you to port your solution to rapsberry/libreelec first. I can offer my support with testing as I am not an experienced SW designer to help with coding.

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