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START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
wow ok thanks alot for that information.

So i guess since im using gigabit LAN and not wifi and i realy dont care about HDMI-CEC since i always use my beloved logitech k400 for my mediaplayers
my choise probably boils down to the Vero 4k then.

Combine that with the Mi box for the rare cases when i need to watch something on a app that my TV dosnt got built in.

That should suit my needs as perfectly as available right now.

Realy appriciate you putting up with me and my noobish question, you been a great helper!

Got to find someone to buy my Play 2 now tho since it already shipped to Sweden
(2017-08-29, 10:16)jonascotch Wrote: If these last are only for LE, than a Khadas Vim is a very good cheaper alternative, and just a little more expensive than Mecool M8S Pro+. And khadas has at least the chance of having Android and LE future development! I think...

I already bought a Minix Neo A2 remote.
In my case I also need Android box for my kids play games like Asphalt, that are very GPU demanding, hence my undecision about all this.
PS. I use the Khadas Vim dtb.img (device tree file) for running @kszaq's LibreELEC Krypton on the S905X MECOOL. Internally you could consider them virtually the same hardware when that occurs.

The DRM HDCP 1.4 1080p Netflix capable Android TV Nougat Firmware on the MECOOL is virtually the same as the Vim would have as well.
Only the Vim does not have those DRM capabilities which are needed for a decent Android TV ROM, but it does have AC WIFi and BT.

As I said before the S912 MINIX U9 should be on the radar if you want to play games and have a decent box for Kodi Krypton compatibility.
It will have the best S912 Android Firmware as well. MINIX are going to upgrade it to Android Nougat I've been told.

Otherwise wait for a generic Nougat - AML S912 with DRM like the MECOOL Pro to popup with a decent 3rd party Android TV ROM over on the Feaktab website and forget about LibreELEC.

Your problem is you want a strong GPU that the S912 has, but it is not a recommended device for LibreELEC.

So,i want to ask:Need to use device with wifi i want HD audio passthrough,HDR,V9,Auto frame correct 4k and all of these to kodi!Do i have to use libreelec?And is for example to wetek play 2 libreelec preinstalled?i think no right?i am so confused but i know i have to invest some more to enjoy better:/Also as i was watching khadas vim there is no HD audio supported right?
Hi, thx for this information.
But it's is a lot of information. So i can't decide which box is better for me.

Can you pls. help me?

Must have:
++ 1080p Netflix
++ SPDIF passthrough (to my Logitech Z906)
++ CEC
++ wired LAN
++ bluetooth

Nice to have:
+ 4K
+ normal Android with Google Play (not Android TV). Dual boot or not is doesn't matter. (i will play some games with bluetooth controller)

Price: up to 100$
(2017-08-29, 10:57)rapart Wrote: So,i want to ask:Need to use device with wifi i want HD audio passthrough,HDR,V9,Auto frame correct 4k and all of these to kodi!Do i have to use libreelec?And is for example to wetek play 2 libreelec preinstalled?i think no right?i am so confused but i know i have to invest some more to enjoy better:/Also as i was watching khadas vim there is no HD audio supported right?

(2017-08-29, 10:00)wrxtasy Wrote: The Best S905X box (100M Lan) out in the market is the Vero 4K because OSMC (Kodi Krypton) is already running from internal fast eMMC flash storage, plus you already have known working AC WiFi and an integrated Wireless mini remote. No DIY research necessary. It just works when you Plug it in. People are willing to pay for that.
The OSMC developers as well, know what they are doing and you get great ongoing Software support.

Please study the previous picture chart carefully to learn the differences between the S905 and S905X. I will not be reposting known info all over again.

There is no LibreELEC pre-installed on the Play2. Its Simple DIY.

Please read this post about how to install LibreELEC on various AMLogic devices:

AMLogic S905(x) - LibreELEC / OSMC - Kodi Krypton - 4K Options:

If that is all too confusing, buy a Plug n Play - Vero 4K - because it covers your requirements.

LibreELEC Kodi Krypton or OSMC Kodi Krypton will work virtually exactly the same once they are up and running.

(2017-08-29, 11:11)Eugenius Wrote: Must have:
++ 1080p Netflix
++ SPDIF passthrough (to my Logitech Z906)
++ CEC
++ wired LAN
++ bluetooth

From Post #1...

Q. I need a Kodi box that can play 1080p or 4K DRM copy protected video streams such as Netflix, HBO etc. ?
NOTE: Unless you have a HDMI connected Dolby Digital Plus Audio receiver, expect 2.0 Audio only from DD+ DRM streaming Apps running on Android TV platforms. Only very specific devices, noted below can run the Amazon Video App properly.

1080p/4K Android Netflix / Amazon Video is only possible on media players boxes that include Widevine L1 & HDCP 1.x/2.2 support in device Firmware.
  • NVIDIA Shield (4K HDR Netflix / 4K HDR Amazon Video)
  • Xiaomi Mi Box (4K Netflix - no HDR)
  • Amazon Stick/FTV1 + FTV2 (4K) (Amazon Video)
  • Intel / AMD x86-64 computers with GeForce GT 1030 or later Nvidia graphics card solution running Win10, using either dedicated Apps or a Web Browser.
  • WeTek's Core (1080p touchscreen Netflix, audio is 2.0 only)
  • WeTek Hub & Play2 (1080p touchscreen Netflix, audio is 2.0 only)
  • Apple TV4
  • MECOOL M8S Pro + (S905X) (1080p Netflix with 3rd party Android TV Firmware)

- No Ethernet on the Android TV Mi Box, but it can be added with a quality UGreen USB3 > Ethernet adapter. Audio will be 2.0 from Netflix over SPDIF.
- MECOOL has no SPDIF or BT
- No SPDIF on the FireTV2 or the Shield
- FireTV1 has SPDIF and will give 5.1 DD Audio from 1080p Netflix, but will not run Kodi Krypton as well as Shield or WeTek's. Plus pretty old Hardware so no HEVC Hardware decoding.

The trouble with 1080p Netflix platforms is copy protection in the form of HDCP. You could add a HDMI > SPDIF Audio extractor to the Shield but that may cause unwanted HDCP copy protection issues resulting in no Audio or no picture at all. Very careful research would have to be done.

Play2 meets requirements but the easy to use Android TV 1080p Netflix is broken at the current time. 1080p tablet Netflix works and you need to purchase a Wireless Air Mouse. Audio will be 2.0 only from a PITA to use tablet Netflix App. Play2 runs a normal Android Marshmallow OS (or Android TV ROM) with good compatibility for Kodi Krypton.

The most fuss free and likely reliable setup for Netflix is the Mi Box and a UGreen USB3 > Ethernet adapter.
Ask over in the Mi box Hardware thread if Kodi is outputting 5.1 DD / DTS Audio over its SPDIF connector.
Mi Box cannot be rooted. Connecting PS3/PS4 BT games controllers impossible.

SPDIF is the major problem you are going to find - especially when combined with 1080p Netflix.

OH just realised vero4k dosnt got giga ethernet...
Gdamn why is it so hard to get everything in ONE box...

Guess il run with my wetek after all

Giga ethernet>experimental HDR
Any cons about libreelec?I dont mind DIY stuff i kinda like it but i need a guide.An analytic guide.I use to flash mobile roms,roots etc..I was to buy mi box.But i want smooth kodi play 4k,auto refresh rate would be cool also hd audioi.so in this case where i should invest money.If libreelec is so good i would like try it.i find vero bit expensive.what about wetek?i see also khadas vim 1 pro no spdif there??I m sorry that maybe i repeat some stuff but being a newbie in a world like this is kinda hard:pI have only a small experience of kodi withy an x96 box.

Make a list and FORMAT it in order like @Eugenius did above to make things easy to read. Smile

At this point in proceedings I've no idea what anyone wants anymore.
Please do some self research on various devices to see what actual Hardware they contain.

A good place to start is

The Popular Hardware list and then then Google manufacturer websites for Tech specs.

All the S905 / S905X / S905D devices will run LibreELEC pretty much the same, just pick which AML chipset features (from the previous chart) and WiFi, Bluetooth and SPDIF options you want.

Future proofing and speculating that you "might need something" is pointless at the budget end of the market, because hardware changes so fast.
Buy something you will actually use with your existing Audio and TV setup.

And no I'm not going to post another DIY LibreELEC here in this thread, if you cannot follow the links in this existing Post I cannot help you further.

AMLogic S905(x) - LibreELEC / OSMC - Kodi Krypton - 4K Options:

ALL further LibreELEC support is done on the actual LibreELEC AMLogic sub-forum - ask questions over there about generic AMLogic S9xx devices.
Its simply too hard to keep up with the whole army of differently configured devices currently on sale.

Any further question about budget AMLogic devices now need to go into this thread:

Budget AMLogic S905/S905X/S912 Media Player Options

thx @wrxtasy.

Xiaomi Mi Box has a Android TV, so i can't play normal Google Play games (GTA, Need for Speed, Asphalt...)
My GameController is Xiaomi Joystick
USB LAN were ok... (i have also WLAN AC... but LAN is still better)

But you are right, my big issue is SPDIF. My TV (Samsung UE46D8090) ist allready connected to Z906 via SPDIF, and can provide DTS/DD if i play mkv with it, but it doen's pass 5.1 from HDMI input (only PCM 2.0). That is the reason why i need a new box Sad

i have also Netflix Smart TV app... but it is the same problem: no 5.1

So, thehe is no sollution for me at the moment Sad

1. Dolby Digital Plus is HDMI only Standard (Netflix uses it), so it is not possible to use DD+ via SPDIF Sad
2. GTA, NFS and Asphalt are also available for Android TV (early it was differnt)

conclusion: i need new speakers and/or av receiver...
I just wish AMLogic would do a deluxe soc with every feature crammed into it, then good software support for that = dream come true

Or i mean the Nvidia Shield witch i used to have, such great hardware but still cant do alot of stuff, mostly due to android i guess but still

Cmon someone make the dream media player and id gladly pay 500usd for it, i mean for example OSMC with the Vero 4k, dont make a budget device to suit theire software OSCM, make a deluxe machine with support for everything and then tune your OSMC for the highend hardware...dream come true...vero 4k dosnt even got usb 3.0 OR 1gb lan i mean wtf its 2017...
For $500 you can build yourself a nice HTPC that will do everything you want and more. The market for $500 android boxes is slim to none.
from raspi 3,odroid and vim which would i choose so i can enter the DIY ?i d like 4k support and hd audio ofc with auto framerate.i heard raspi not the best for 4k.
Got my Wetek Play 2 today, instantly flashed the newest libreelec beta on the nand and...compared to my Zidoo X9s there is a big difference, very very smooth video and something i wasnt expected...the sound sounds richer and my 7.1 system felt more souroundish Smile altho to defend the Zidoo abit...i think the biggest problem is the OS Android...it just dosnt get perfect with Kodi whatever hardware you throw at it

thx for all the help
you took it with tuner or not?
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