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(2016-01-13, 17:56)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2016-01-13, 17:39)tyem Wrote: BTW, is it allowed to put a link here from to ask you about a particular tv Box?
If its Hardware starting with Tron... containing GPL VidOn rubbish expect a warning from the Mods. Fully loaded boxes will be frowned upon as well as they are full of Banned Addons and Pirate crap.

I would not be paying jacked up prices for a WeTek Core, when we already know they are actually cheaper direct from WeTek.

It was a VicTsing model Emish something, I honestly don't know if they are allowed or not here, I was just curious was something like from 130 euros to 66 promotion. ( ) I hope I didn't break any rule.

But I think I made up my mind with the Wetek Core. it's strange tho because when i select Wetek Play (129.39 euros) I can select 4 versions, and the one with no DVB tuner is 108.90 so should i expect the Wetek Core to have different versions and without DVB to be like 100 istead of 119?

And yet again, what's the deal with the Wetek Play? better or worse than Wetek Core? or is it a totally different thing?

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