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(2016-02-03, 18:16)jpage4500 Wrote:
(2015-12-21, 03:43)wrxtasy Wrote: Fire Stick/TV's not included due to Kodi having to be Sideloaded, which means no Autoupdating plus Amazon's openly hostile attitude towards the Kodi project itself. You only buy Amazon devices for Amazon Prime video streaming.

I personally think you're doing a disservice to new Kodi users not to include more details about Amazon's Fire TV. Sure, you have to sideload Kodi and sideload a 'launcher' app FireTV Starter. But, many of the other hardware boxes that are included require a lot more technical knowledge (Chromebox?) and are all well worth it as a result. Sure, it won't auto-update like Google Play Store apps do - but it's a 1-button upgrade to any version including nightlies. Unlike my previous Openelec box, I can update to the latest builds as soon as they're released and not need to wait for another OS's release cycle.

I've had several Kodi boxes in the past and I can honestly say that the FTV (both the new and old versions) has given me the best overall experience. I'm running the skin I like the best (Aeon Nox) and not worrying about performance issues like I did with previous boxes. Media playback has also been perfect for me - digital audio output included. I don't have any 4k video to test with - but it did great with a full Blu-ray rip.

Anyway, am I saying it's the perfect Kodi box? No.. I'd prefer to always have Kodi front and center. But, for a sub-$100 box (I got mine for $75) I'm not sure there's any other box I'd rather have personally. When doing my research I also considered the Chromebox and Shield TV. But, both cost twice as much and I just didn't see the benefits over the FTV.

As for Amazon's "openly hostile attitude towards the Kodi project" - I don't know the full story. I do know at one time Amazon allowed Kodi to be in their appstore and then they removed it. But, it's not like Apple is going to let Kodi in their store anytime soon either (or without removing/restricting much of it) and there's mention of the latest AppleTV in this review.

An added bonus is being able to play Amazon Prime video, Netflix and most other games/apps that Android offers. But, I think it offers more than enough to be a stand-alone Kodi player as well.


different people have different needs, the fire tv doesnt even change refresh rates.. so its pretty much a no go for anyone looking for a theatre type setup, i have one tho :-) i use it for Live TV in my kitchen (60hz works great for that)

id take cheap Chinese amlogic stuff over another fire tv any day. but thats just me i guess.
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