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(2016-02-08, 11:12)Ladida Wrote: Thanks for the reply nogging!

Whas like I suspected then, to bad for such a nice little device.

Probably better to spend some extra bucks and get a more powerful NUC, so that I don't get disappointed.

To be honest, a Raspberry Pi 2 will do a better job as a pure media playback device, than a Baytrail-T Z-series box. If you just want a Kodi box, they are still hard to beat for the price. If you want something a bit more powerful, then a Celeron 2955u-baed Chromebox is a very good quality player indeed. A bit snappier than the Pi 2 - and it does a few things better (but the Pi 2 does a few things the Chromebox doesn't - mainly 3D MVC decode and Frame Packed output)

If you want HEVC 8-bit decode - then look at Braswell?

If you don't really need Windows then if you want 10 bit HEVC then the new S905 stuff from AMLogic looks worth a look. (The ODroid C2 COULD be great if it is well supported in software terms. It should have 4K 2160/60p output and 10 bit hardware HEVC decode - for around the same price as a Pi 2)

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