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(2016-02-18, 18:38)wrxtasy Wrote: For the RPi2 or the Odroid its the same process, you basically download a OpenELEC.version.img.xz
Uncompress it on a PC, and use the instruction found in this Wiki to write the OE image to a micro SDHC card.

Pop the freshly flashed SD card in your device and power up and do some minimal configuring to start Kodi.

No code needs to be written, if you can follow simple instructions, you will not find it difficult.

Basically these days, if you need HD to lossless PCM Audio, Full Res. 1080p 3D and plan to use all manner of usb dongles and TV Tuners with one of these devices, get the RPi2. It will support a wider variety of USB attachments.

Need 1080p HEVC and a bit more speed when using Kodi, grab a Odroid. I have both but use OE on the Odroid as I need 1080p HEVC decoding and like a faster Kodi interface. The built in IR receiver also comes in handy. This also doubles as my TV Headend server for the entire house.
I never use WiFi with any Kodi box.

Thanks...sorry to be naive, but as I am trying to rid myself of a cheap android box (I have friends that steered me in this direction), I think I'll try to build my own. At the moment I don't need 1080P HEVC, I have 1080p HD with a decent receiver. I know in the near future I'll probably have to go to HEVC, but I am hoping it's not necessary for a couple of years. I think I'll start with the RPi2 and use it as a learning experience. Thanks.

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