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(2016-02-26, 01:11)dknyc1 Wrote: I have been using kodi XBMC for about 2 years now & love it - I am fairly comfortable with installing add ons etc.

I would like to finally cut my cable off & have a question.

My main concern with getting rid of cable & relying solely on kodi is ease - with cable i turn on and boom switch channels etc nice & easy. With my Kodi boxes it takes time, then finding a stream that works etc.

I am wondering if perhaps its just that I am using slow kodi devices. I have 2, 1 is a Amazon Fire Box & other is Amazon Fire Stick.
Maybe the Droid boxes I know of are much faster?

Any other recs to make this easier to cut the cable & simply sit down & watch?

Kodi provides no content. It does not support piracy. If you want to find a free substitute for your cable service you are in the wrong place. If you want something to play your own media which you have ripped to your computer, or legal sources like YouTube or vimeo, welcome.
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