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(2016-03-01, 04:44)jubilex Wrote:
(2016-02-27, 21:21)jubilex Wrote: I was all set to buy a Google Nexus Player but there seems to be no way to control it with Irule (remote control app), which is how I control everything, either via IR (through itach) or HTTP/IP.

Is there anything under $100 that is Android (so I can use Moonlight app to stream games from my desktop PC in the basement), has 1080p Netflix, and has either IR or IP/TCP control? Wired ethernet port ideal.

Sorry for the bump, I was afraid this would get lost and I'm trying to find something within the next week or so. Forgot to mention I would also be using it to stream live tv from HDHomerun Prime, probably with Homerun View app (not through Kodi). In fact realistically live tv and Netflix would be the most common uses.

I don't know what the Nexus Player is like at deinterlacing - which will be a key requirement for HDHomerun content if you aren't transcoding it first (transcoding usually deinterlaces). With a few exceptions (AMLogic, nVidia Shield) - Android deinterlacing is pretty basic (sometimes just a Bob)

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