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(2016-03-02, 19:45)sirket Wrote:
(2016-03-01, 14:44)noggin Wrote: Yep - suspect there will be a fix at some point - it's unusual for platforms to play one form of native interlaced MPEG2 but not another.

It seems like deinterlacing has been a problem on the FireTV (and a few others boxes) for a while- is there anything end users can do to improve the situation?

Is the deinterlacing issue inside Android itself or is it something the Kodi developers would need to work on?

What is the best way to help improve things? I suspect hardware donations won't help but what about cash donations?

I use my FireTV for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Kodi- both with my media library and streaming from my HDHomeRuns and the only time I have a problem is with 1080i streams from the HDHR's.

Some Android boxes have hardware deinterlacing (or have it enabled) others require software deinterlacing (which is quite CPU hungry for HD in any quality). Some hardware deinterlacing approaches seem to have problems with some flavours of MPEG2. Pi 2 and Pi 3 (and x86 boxes with halfway decent GPUs like the Chromebox) handle most stuff (Intel has issues with interlaced VC-1)

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