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You are between a rock and a Hard place with your requirements as you need the far superior FireTV Amazon Instant Video app for HD or 4K Amazon Prime video viewing. The normal Google Play Amazon Instant Video app is no longer supported by Amazon, it won't give you HD video. You have to buy a FireTV device.

Software deinterlacing in Android like you will get with the FireTV's will only use the inferior Bob or Software Blend. Which may be OK for 1080i content but if you are watching 480i or 576i it will look soft and blurry.

Software Bob deinterlacing actually results in slight vibrating mpeg2 576i video with Software decoding when tested on my WeTek Core. The Hardware deinterlacing is definately superior.

The FireTV1 does not have enough grunt to do both Software decoding of 1080i mpeg2 and Software deinterlacing. H264 1080i content will Hardware decode I believe. The FireTV2 has more CPU ponies and is definitely preferred unless you need S/PDIF.


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