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(2016-03-30, 14:12)9800pro Wrote:
(2016-03-30, 13:12)noggin Wrote:
(2016-03-30, 12:16)9800pro Wrote: Ok, so Core it is. I do like that it has RF remote with air mouse function as a bonus.
Also there isn't any Chromebox available here in Croatia and as i now have Kodi running on laptop i don't want another "PC".
To be fair the Chromebox isn't really a PC. It's similar in size to the Core and boots directly into OpenElec. No Windows, no Ubuntu. To me there is zero difference in 'experience' terms between a Chromebox running OpenElec and a Core running OpenElec, other than the Chromebox rendering the UI more fluidly.

Understand that they are trickier to get in Europe. The HP 260G1 is very similar (needs a DP->HDMI £5 adaptor) and was available for <£100 at one point in the UK, but I think that was to get rid of excess stock. There is a Zotac based around the 2957U too.

The Core is a great box - though there's probably a reason I always end up switching back to my Pi 3 or my Chromebox, and not using my Core. (It's probably the DVD MPEG2 issue - as I have a lot of concert DVDs that the Core won't play).

Only thing available here is HP 260G1 and its around 300€, 3 times the Core. Is the GUI 3 times more fluid, i don't think so Smile
No - and there are other models of the HP with more expensive processors (I think there was an i3 or i5 version)

The Celeron 2955/7U isn't common in machines - which is a real pity as it hit a sweet spot for HTPCs.

Quote:Market here isn't so oriented on that kind of solutions (Chromebox....etc). Most of the time people in shops look at me like im crazy for wanting something like that.
If your only grudge with Core is with mpeg2 playback and i don't have any mpeg2-s, would you recommend it then?
Also, did you try just ripping those DVDs to mkv and store them to NAS or whatever you have?

I rip DVDs to VIDEO_TS or ISO, 2D Blu-rays to folders or MKV, and 3D Blu-ray to ISO or MKV.

The only issue with DVDs on the Core is native interlaced content. I like watching music concerts - from pop to rock to opera - and almost all of these are shot native interlaced. I also quite like classic British TV, and lots of this stuff (Monty Python, Doctor Who, Blakes 7 etc.) was shot interlaced in the studio and progressive (i.e. film) on location.

I can't use a solution that won't let me watch interlaced DVDs. For many other people this won't be a problem. If you only watch movies and recent TV dramas on DVD you're probably OK (3:2 60i permitting)

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