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I use NextPVR exclusively for a backend and the source is a single Cable Box. I capture the source signals via HDPVR connected to a Windows 10 machine. I use Component video and SPDIF optical (or RCA for 2 CH audio) from the Cable Box. I use a USBUIRT to change channels. My guide is Schedules Direct, uploaded nightly into NextPVR.

My current set up that works really well, either through LAN or WifI.

Minix X7 using SPMC's 14.2 version of Kodi. SMPC just seems to work well with this Minix box version.
Zotac Mini PC running Windows 10 and Kodi 16.0
Two laptops running Kodi 16.0. using HDMI output to televisions. The laptops work great when traveling and carrying an HDMI cable!

I have the Minix X 7 mounted on the back of a television. This television is moved from one of my house rooms to an outside deck. From the deck I can stream live TV or any of my local content through WiFi. I have NAS devices holding my content, music, video files pictures etc.

All the above work without issue.

What I have tried in the past, MXIII G, Pipo X7, Pipo X9. All have been terrible in watching live TV. They are Android boxes with inferior components (IMO). The Pipo's overheat, the Pipo X9 was sent back. The MXIII G worked ok, but not for live TV, I ended up putting OpenElec on it and giving it away!

The W10 machines work really well for running Kodi and watching live TV. For remotes (on W10 Machies) I use an FLIRC which integrates into my single remote. I also have a mini keyboard which works extremely well on the Zotac or any Android box.

I just recommended a friend buy a Minix 8H, he received it and it works great as well. The Shield, Core, Minix and any W10 machine with decent specs works well with Kodi and NextPVR. Just keep in mind the W10 machines need more hardware if you wish a remote control from sitting on the couch.

For what you are trying to accomplish, I would use a W10 devices, FLIRC and AutoHotKey. Although it won't be easy, but it's a way of achieving what you are looking for in a remote. Just my 2c.


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