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Hello Everyone,
I am new to the forum and have spent some time drifting through a lot of the posts; this forum seems to have great contributors, however I am learning that everyone has different requirements / solutions which is great

For me could you please help me to
1. pick the right HW for an HTPC for the main TV room
2. pick something for the bedroom TV like a Android box or something

I have looked at the following HW for the HTPC
- Intel NUC
- Zotac
- AsRock Beebox
- ASUS Vivomini
- Gigabyte Brix

-> Full PC Experience
-> bluetooth keyboard and mouse (I can research this later)
-> Kodi (obviously)
-> Streaming video and music and internet radio
-> BlueRay external DVD (maybe)
-> HDMI compatible
-> Remote control compatible with Harmony Remotes (I can research this later)
-> Watch Streaming likeYouTube, NetFlix etc.
-> Movies / TV shows off of ext. USB drive
-> Display pictures network drive
-> Skype with USB camera (possibility)

- 1080p H264/AVC
- DVD ISO Rips - .vob files
- properly synced 23.976fps video output to a 24p "Cinema Mode" TV (I suppose)
No 3D (nah)
No 4K (I wish but not yet)

- the standard 2.0 PCM Audio output
- just the standard AC3/DTS 5.1 Audio output
- HD Audio Passthrough to an AVR
- HD Audio decoding to Multichannel PCM Audio output

Sharp Aquos LC-456GD7U (may upgrade in future)
-> in the manual it lists UXGA 1600X1200 75kHz-Horizontal 60Hz-Vertical

Onkyo TX-NR747

Remote Controller
Harmony Ultimate One with Hub

Hardware Config.
-> All my devices connect to the Onkyo with one HDMI cable connecting to the TV
-> Connect the HTPC to the Onkyo Receiver's HDMI port

For the Bedroom TV or point 2, I am wide open for suggestions
- Android box
- Roku

I would like it to be able to most of what the HTPC does minus the full PC experience.
-> Watch Streaming likeYouTube, NetFlix etc.
-> Movies / TV shows off of ext. USB drive
-> Display pictures network drive
-> Easy to use

Any Help?

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