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Hi guys, I hope it's the right place to ask this question. I'm sick tired of Sony Bravia 2015 Android (in short summary it sucks...) and I'm looking for some TV Box. If you were to choose one with the following requirements:
- KODI performance is the priority
- 24p
- h264,
- h265 (10bit nice to have, I'm afraid that more are more movies will be using it in the future)
- 1080p should be enough (however 4K would be nice too, maybe I'll change display at some point)
- ethernet port
- low price
would you go with Android based device (S905 seems reasonable here) or Windows (z8300 or z8500 or z8700, depending on price)? Android TV's GUI, applications, YouTube, Netflix etc. seems to be a better TV box solution compared to Windows. However, my current experience with Android TV (shame on you Sony) is not the best, that's why I'm considering Windows with less friendly GUI for TV (that's my personal opinion).
I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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