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(2016-04-16, 16:53)wrxtasy Wrote: Yes Price would be a good starting point ?
I would probably be willing to go up to 200EUR.

(2016-04-16, 16:53)wrxtasy Wrote: Otherwise I recommended 8-bit HEVC Hardware decoding on an AMLogic device such as the WeTek Core, which will also do 7.1 HD Audio passthrough. A pretty solid choice.

Also the 8/10-bit 4K HEVC ODROID C2 is coming along nicely now a whole bunch of features have been added to LibreELEC. (minimal fast Linux OS + Kodi). 5.1 Audio passthrough here. Pretty new device.

Further up the 8/10-bit 4K food chain you have the HEVC capable Android King the nVIDIA Shield.
Depends if you are are loaded with $$ or not.

All three will do HDMI-CEC control.
So, this Android devices have enough processing power to run HEVC video and maybe some more heavy Kodi UI without a hitch?
And... does nVidia Shield also pass through DTS-HD and dolby multichannel HD audio?

I had a Wetek play box for some time but I was not satisfied with UI reponsivness. Everything was kind of laggy. Full HD x264 played fine though...


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