START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
You have three camps basically with cheap Android devices:

1) those that just want to ship a cheap as chips device out of the door with common Firmware and a common Android GUI and leave end users to fend for themselves over on the Freaktab Website finding some half decent Firmware that works semi-properly. Often you end up with a junk box, that you loose patience with in the end, when it becomes all to hard. Some may be OK.

2) development AML boards like the ODROID C1/C2 S805/S905 series, that are a jack of all trades for Mini Linux PC's, servers and Android / OpenELEC / LibreELEC Kodi media players as well. ODROID has a pretty active development community if you like to tinker. There are a bunch of LibreELEC devs. now with a C2's BTW. Wink

3) Reputable Kodi sponsor companies like MINIX and WeTek that actually care about Firmware quality and Kodi compatibility. Run active user forums, provide regular updates and actually speak to end users in English.
WeTek provide a bunch of after market Android Apps and really go that extra mile to help out customers, they are in a different league altogether compared to the cheap Asian sellers. They have a lot of AMLogic experience.
WeTek are also an OpenELEC sponsor so you end up with dual boot Android / OpenELEC devices with a lot of flexibility to play around and tinker with.


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