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(2016-04-27, 03:46)wrxtasy Wrote: What are interlaced DVD's again ? Wink
(2016-04-27, 09:31)noggin Wrote: What are standards again? Wink

I'm still amazed that something which is such a long-standing standard has been a problem for so long across multiple AMLogic platforms and still hasn't been fixed by them. If this was a Pi it would have been fixed very quickly.
I agree, but I'm surmising there will be more consumers out there wanting a platform supporting 8/10-bit Hardware decoded HEVC than an old Interlaced DVD standards. No matter what the source of video content.

Quote:Yes - the C2 is incredibly quick if you run it from eMMC - though the eMMC cards are pretty expensive (an 8GB eMMC costs almost as much as a Pi3...)
8GB eMMC was $18 last time I checked here, if you want speed it works well:

Quote:The AML S905 SoC, like you see in the C2 will get a whole lot of developer support, both in Android and OpenELEC / LibreELEC going forward as WeTek are about to release their S905 line of products as well. Any minor annoyances now will likely get fixed reasonably soon for this chipset.
(2016-04-27, 09:31)noggin Wrote: You say that - and Wetek have been very good - but how long has the interlaced DVD issue (which is a pretty significant bug) been rolling on for. I'd love to recommend the Wetek Core - but when it can't play a standard DVD it's pretty difficult to.
A bunch of us simply don't care for old Interlaced DVD, or have an old DVD player if the need ever arises to put the Grandfather slippers on and sip some Whisky, get drunk and laugh out loud whilst watching Blackadder ! Wink


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