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(2016-05-02, 21:58)wh1stlebare Wrote: Thanks for the in-depth reply wrxtasy...So it looks like I need to make a decision between the nVidia and the WeTek hub then. I'll hold off for a few weeks and see what people say regarding the WeTek once it's been fully tested with Kodi.

Thanks again!
I'm doing WeTek Hub testing HERE already and its looking pretty polished. I've already fixed the Interlaced DVD ISO rip playback problem on a S905 ODROID C2 recently so that fix should shortly be incorporated as well.

The only video issues I see on all AML S905's at the moment is VC-1 playback problems (Kernel mods needed) and 1080p<--->2160p Kodi autoswitching. You have to switch manually at the moment for correct 2160p scaling. (Kodi AML problem). Then 2160p playback is fine and the video fills the entire screen.
The bonus workaround is you can run the Kodi GUI at 2160p60Hz anyway and leave it there permanently as the S905 has HDMI 2.0.

What would be interesting is Noggin's thoughts on a Chromebox vs a S905 ODROID C2, particularly in a bang for your bucks($) shootout now a bunch of issues have been fixed on the C2, as detailed over HERE


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