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(2016-05-12, 10:06)gabs247 Wrote: So basically, I looked at cheap android boxes on eBay (don't think they do the first two), Nexus (no ethernet), Nvidia (fortune), Wetek Core (probably fits the bill) and now I've seen Odroid C2 but I'm still not sure how much effort is involved or whether it ticks them all off. Obviously, I'm happy to research and tinker, but it'd be nice to have something that works OOTB Big Grin

Not sure if waiting for the Wetek Hub is worth it or not, but either that or the Core seem to be high on the list. I'd be happy with a stable cheap box, if I knew what it could or couldn't be customised to do (as winterfell44 indicated he got it working well)?

thanks for any feedback...
C2 won't do HD Netflix.
Core will only do PCM 2.0 audio with Netflix - and is better in Libre/OpenElec than Android for Media Player duties IMO (but you can reboot to Android)

For HD Netflix with 5.1 audio you're really limited to the Shield and Nexus Player (and the Fire TV range) unless you go Windows.

I think you can add 100Mbs Ethernet to the Nexus player with a $10 USB->Ethernet dongle - but I'd double check that.

If you didn't need Android then the small BayTrail/Cherry Trail MiniPCs running Windows 10 would be an option. (The Netflix Windows app supports HD and 5.1 DD+ bitstreamed - but you need a trackpad/mouse remote to control it)

I'd question the need for GigE on a player - 100Mbs is fine for all HD video up to Blu-ray un-recompressed rips. If you were running a NAS on the platform I'd understand - but my Raspberry Pi 3 plays everything I throw at it over 100Mbs with no problems. (And I throw 1080/50p 40Mbs - peaking at 60Mbs+ - stuff at it...) Heck even my Raspberry Pi Zero with a USB 100Mbs Ethernet adaptor will.

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