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(2016-06-18, 01:15)coolcatric Wrote:
(2016-06-15, 05:54)wrxtasy Wrote: Suggestion:
Ditch the 3D Frame Packed (ie 1080p) ISO video playback requirement and more choices open up.

Both devices running LibreELEC / Kodi:

- Intel Chromebox, limited to Software decoding of 8/10bit HEVC(H265), there will be a hard HEVC Bitrate limit however where it will run out of CPU Ponies to software decode, particularly 4K HEVC. Comprehensive Audio support on the Chromebox.
4K will be limited to 30Hz video output due to HDMI 1.4 connection, which equals movies only running at 23.976fps.

- ODROID C2. Does actually decode 3D ISO's and switches the TV Automatically into 3D, see my Signature link below for details.
Keep an eye on this POST for 3D testing updates.
Any Audio/Video limitations are listed HERE
Does everything else you require for 4K and 8/10bit HEVC Hardware decoding, HDMI 2.0 connector.
You will need an USB powered hub or an Externally powered Hard Drive for reliability when connecting HDD's to ARM devices like the RPi / C2's.

Thanks for the reply. Well i can do away with ATMOS in this purchase, however full 1080p 3D ISO is a must. So should i buy on of these ODROID C2 ?
Can you guide me in how exactly to buy one of these things ?

NO Full Resolution 3D ISO (aka Frame Packed) with the C2 or any AMlogic device period. You will be wasting your money.
Please read hdmkv's 3D thread to understand what Frame Packed 3D provides.

Quote:p.s. - this setup will be used by my dad (he's 65 and not that techie), hence need something which has good UI & very easy to operate. Something with which he can just connect the HDD & play...

p.s.s- Evaluating himedia H8 as it fits my budget, any comments on that ?

See hdmkv's dedicated 3D thread for the recommended devices, he has all the info. Ask questions in that thread.

You want a Champagne box at beer money prices. Its simply not going to work. Full 1080p Resolution 3D with all the requirements you want, then your are going to have to pay. Its as simple as that.


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