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(2016-07-04, 13:06)noggin Wrote: I'd let your TV upscale at the moment - suspect most UHD sets do a better job than Kodi platforms in this regard.
I don't have a UHD TV yet. I am planning to buy a 2016 LG OLED, but this is the very TV on which I found the 1080p->2160p scaling a bit soft looking (like bilinear).

Quote:AIUI some Kodi builds currently output 1080p for 1080p content and lower resolutions, and only switch to 2160p when actually playing >1080p content. (Allowing the display to handle upscaling for <2160p stuff)
I would like to see this in all Kodi builds and not only for 2160p. Basically a scaling on/off switch with the option to define a max scaling resolution.
So you'd always have a chance to compare TV scaling vs. Kodi scaling and choose what you prefer.

Still, I'd like to know what is currently used in Android / SHIELD. Do those belong to the "max 1080p scaling" builds you referred to?

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