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(2016-07-08, 18:49)crashnburn Wrote: Check out MDL forums for WMC hack to add it to newer OSes

I realize hacks exist to add WMC to Win8/WIn10, but I am done with Microsoft. With the exception of the CableCard functionality of WMC, the basic usability and customization options of WMC have always been incredibly lacking behind Kodi, Plex, etc. The concept of WMC was brilliant, but the execution, implementation, and support are downright awful. My only reason for even using WMC as a backend with Kodi is for it's CableCard support, and even that is only because my wife won't let me cancel Cable until I can find a viable source for Live streams of HGTV, Bravo, and NCAA Football. Personally, I'm tired of the Cable industry overcharging us for technology from the 80's because they can't figure out a way to update their business model to this century.

**Edit: I apologize for deviating from the original thread topic with my rant about WMC and cable, although my contempt for them is the reason I'm here. Pi3 is being delivered today from Amazon. I will update with results for those interested. Thanks again for the insight.

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