START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)

Thank you all so much for the free info you guys provide, very insightful.

I'm looking to buy my first Kodi box and I'm leaning towards the Wetek Core. Based on my needs below should I pull the trigger on the Core, wait for newer Wetek boxes or go for something else entirely?

- Full BD rips playback, or just 10GB & under type 720p/1080p? Full BD rips, VC-1, h.264 Remux, etc
- Need HD audio? Passthru (bitstreaming) a must, or decoded to multichannel PCM fine? At the moment no, but maybe in 1-2 years time I might need something for a dedicated 5.1 set up. (Slim chance I will need this)
- Need full 3D playback? No
- Netflix? SD okay or need HD? Need 4K? HD Netflix is needed, 4k Netflix might be needed in the near future.
- Amazon? SD okay or need HD/4K? I don't stream anything from Amazon.
- Other premium apps? Android gaming? No gaming whatsoever. 100% pure Kodi.
- 4K local media playback? Possibly in the near future, at the moment no.
- DVD/MPEG2 SD playback? I'm not sure, no?
- VC-1 playback a must? Yes
- Any other needs, wants? Not that I can think of. I will be using the device solely for Kodi either running files off a NAS or an external HDD.

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