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(2016-08-30, 17:16)roaringforties Wrote: Hi,
I have been through hundreds of posts, but due to my low experience in this matters I am completely confused. I actually have an HT arrangement with an old Mini Mac and xbmc installed which has been giving me great satisfaction for some years. Now, the Mini Mac has died. My question is: how can I substitute it considering that I have all my media (nearly 3 Tb of music and videos) on HFS HD. I am thinking of a Linux based system, who is able to read HFS ... I am also looking at an optical or USB digital audio output -> I am working audio through an external DAC ...
My goal is exclusively watching HD videos (and probably in the very near future 4K ones) and listenning to high quality music.
Anyone can give me a hand ...? Thanks in advance
LibreElec/OpenElec reads HFS discs with no problems - so something like a Wetek Hub running LibreElec would do pretty much everything you want. (Though it's still a bit new)

It doesn't AFAIK have a Toslink output though - so you'd probably be best using an HDMI audio extractor (USB audio devices are less-good solutions on ARM devices IMO)

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