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(2016-09-14, 12:59)wrxtasy Wrote: It's not at all clear what Smokin Joe wants, all I read was RCA.
Apologies then if he actually wants composite video output.
Good luck with the search !
(2016-09-10, 10:35)Smokin_Joe Wrote: I will be buying a few Kodi approved boxes for my 5 tv's. I just ordered a Mimix U1 based on information contained, in this thread..
Are there any boxes, that you can recommend, that come with rca connectors.
I have a couple of 32" tube tv's that are too heavy to move, without wreckin
Thanks again for the info..

Thanks for warning me on the Rockchip Everyone.
Had a chance to read a little about the Kodi conflicts.
I will be testing the Minix on a tube tv as well as the HDMI ones. I have a little HDMI to RCA converter I can use.
Minix & Himedia both can be bought through Chinese markets from the factory.
Do they have the same "support" as if they were bought here? (same specs etc)
Do they have different serial numbers or codes I should be aware of?
Are these bad questions?

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