START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
New to Kodi world and in the department which media-player to use.
Still much to learn, and by the many technical terms and issues not very familiar with it. So some advice could be of help.

Did read already several issues discussed by several tests that are made with hardware.
Also I am aware that all hardware do have their advantages, and disadvantages, and not everything is possible in relation to budget and techniques.

Within a network of some family users we share some movies over the internet for streaming. We are familiar and aware into the limitations of internet speed.
Two members within the family group however do have a fibreglass connection. One member 200/200 Mbps, me myself 100/100 Mbps.
The oldest (father 78), only a DSL connection, but only for streaming (is download) and only looking to a simple TV, without DTS surround possibilities.
Still he need DTS audio "converted" into "stereo" if he is looking to movies with only DTS in it.
The member with the 200/200 Mbps connection do have a big TV screen + surround audio boxes plus a network audio receiver.
All movies are kept on a Synology NAS. Me to do have a Synology NAS. Because of that, I think the best option for sharing media including handy apps of Synology in setting up netwerk etc. is to choose for Android media boxes.

Because of local storage on NAS'ses, there is no need to have a mediaplayer for possibility to build in HD storage (HiMedia Q10 Pro).
The oldest member doesn't need the most high tech media box. By still some means of "future" compatibility there are some minimum main specs, that we think the hardware we choose has to be included. At least:

- 1 Gbit LAN
- USB 3.0
- H.265 compatible
- HDMI 2.0 (4K)
- NO Rockwell chip (as of today's knowledge).
- Bluetooth (to connect with bluetooth keyboard / mouse).
- at least 2 GB system RAM

The Android boxes that are coming into view are:
- HiMedia Q5 Pro and Q10 Pro
- Minix U1

Where as I read that the HiMedia boxes do have difficulties playing 23,976 Hz versus 24 Hz
Minix U1 do have better de-interlacing possibilities for streaming "TV-content".

As several issues are already longer known, and hardware is already form about 2015, maybe several issues are already solved?
Are there other details that I forget in looking after, to think over?
Are there upcoming new devices? (Mostly at the end of the year new equipment are coming on the market).

E.g. I hoped for some extra RAM, as of the Android options, me myself think I will use some other Android apps as well.
So the possibility to expand internal memory with e.g. a fast SD-card could be an advantage.
No gamers however.

Have tested in the Android department using a Lenovo tablet Tab 2 A10-70F (32 GB RAM), using several media player apps.
Don't have great issues found streaming to fit on the tablets 10.1 inch HD screen, (as long as it is no 4K).
(The tablet do have Atmos dolby included, however no real "backside" sound ofcourse).

Thanks in advance.

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