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(2016-10-13, 10:57)Bhupinder Wrote: Plz suggest me a box that upscale 2k to 4K & support bd iso, 3D iso, audio format like Dolby atmos, dts ma and true HD. My only concern is to watch movies with good upscaling.

Cheap boxes will never have a good upscaling algorithm, and you will have less artefacts (better results) with Native 1080p.

Please note that upscaling can’t add more detail than is already present, you can see artifacts in fast moving videos, having trouble with ringing artifact, which appears as a ‘ghost’ or further outline around objects and Blurring or distortion.

Heres a technical explanation from
TVs have better upscaling algorithm than source players, that means IMO dont choose a player due of their upscaling.

If you have a 4K display the best option is to get a 4K player and play with their native Resolution.
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