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(2016-10-13, 05:43)wrxtasy Wrote: I cannot make up your mind for you, but you might want to have a casual look over in the WeTek Play2 thread for what is possible when a talented Android developer, using Open Source Android code, gets interested in a DVB-TV / DRM / Dual Boot - ATV OS / LibreELEC capable device.

I recommend Android Kodi devices that:
a) are popular with ongoing Firmware support
b) have a help support network, so you can actually get someone to help with any problems. Even if you pay a bit more.
c) have strong developer community support, both here in the Kodi forums and the individual device seller forums.

Notice how I mention Support a lot. If you want relatively minimal ongoing headaches, this is the Key with any Android Kodi devices.

Be aware all AMLogic S8xx platforms are only 8bit HEVC decoding capable, plus AMLogic themselves are not planning to release a Android Marshmallow SDK for this older S8xx chipset either.
Also be aware, based on their previous track record, MINIX are not in the habit of upgrading Android Firmware to new Android OS version releases. They tend to stick with whatever flavour of Android their devices originally ship with.

In the end it depends on what individuals want and what new benefits each new Android OS releases brings.

I have been following your posts for awhile now, thanks for all your support on this forum. Many new people benefit from your time and knowledge. I decided to go with the Minix U1 today since it was easily available from Amazon a source im comfortable with in making returns, if needed. But due to the reviews here and your posts I thought this was in the right price range and had the features im most interested in. Plenty of reviews praising the units ability to handle video formats without stutter and plenty of HD audio support.

Im expecting to enjoy the unit and begin my learning of Kodi and tweaking things. Thanks for your reply!

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