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(2016-10-18, 16:21)wrxtasy Wrote: @iimitzMan,
Man stuff is expensive to import or buy in Canuck-land !

Is there a special "Moose" tax or something added once Hardware crosses the border ?

(2016-10-18, 17:16)briand095 Wrote: wow, do you have a friend over the border than can pick this stuff up for you and just bounce over and back? if that is possible... didn't know Canuckistan was that greedy...

Heheh. Well, item tax in my province is 15% but quite a few of these "resellers" charge around $20-$50 shipping which is rather strange. No USA friends unfortunately. I tend to buy most things from Amazon online when I can because I pay for Prime. I would think that larger distributors would sell things with shipping free if it's over $50 or something but that doesn't appear to be the case with these boxes. Unfortunately these Android boxes seem to be US based initially and it's quite a wait (sometimes a year or more) before we receive similar items in our stores. This is part of the reason why the Chinese boxes are so popular here as that's all that's affordable. Hundreds of people are reselling the Chinese boxes daily here. They buy them from Amazon, and charge more to make a profit (I usually see them selling MXQ boxes to older folks for $80-$100). /end side rant

So it looks like I guess I have to make the decision to pay $175 for Minix, $350 for an Nvidia Shield, or change my requirements for what I want. Raspberry Pi's are easy to get here as they are far more popular and cheaper. Blah, money and decisions I guess. Thanks for the help/suggestions anyways guys.

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