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(2016-11-13, 23:18)hoppel118 Wrote: 2. Amazon 1080p 5.1
= Amazon Stick v.2 or Fire TV2 or nVIDIA Shield. Amazon App has to be sideloaded on to the Shield and 5.1 Audio on Shield - only if an AVR connected.
Hub / Play2 will not do Amazon (Prime) Instant Video in 720/1080p.

Quote:3. Kodi - jidderfree mkv movies (mpeg2/h264) in 1080p with automatic frame rate switching to 24(23,976)/50/60Hz and 5.1 HD Audio passthrough (Dolby/DTS)
Unsure about the judder free on the Amazon Fire TV2. Either ask in the Amazon FireTV2 Hardware thread (if you find it) or see the MrMC links in Post #1

There is a LOT of up to date detail in Post #1 & Post#2 of this thread about the Shield and Amazon FireTV2 and limitations

Quote:4. Kodi - jidderfree VDR liveTV (mpeg2/h264) in max 1080i 50Hz 5.1
Amazon FireTV2 not recommended for Live TV. I don't even think it can even do Hardware deinterlacing, and if that is that case. Interlaced HD H264 TV will not work.

You don't need to spend a fortune for Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Just get a Amazon Stick v.2. if you have a device that covers Audio and Video playback of everything else.


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