START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
(2016-12-07, 15:29)PTMD Wrote: Are my choices reduced to this, if so, that's great... if not - that's okay too, what are they?
- Wetek Hub
- Wetek Core - likely out
- Nvidia Shield - likely out as Nvidia Shield is out of stock - if and when Nvidia Shield 2 comes out (i dont know)

Does it still stand that Hub > Core?
-i dont care if the remote control has airmouse or not - i will likely get a 3rd keyboard/track pad - or simple use my harmony remote
-dont care for gaming
-dont need optical out, using HDMI to AVR

Audio is important for me, ranking order more than Netflix HD

Is the Wetek Hub the right choice then? (accepting that Nvidia Shield is not available)
Ultimately the nVIDIA Shield is the choice if sticking with an Android TV OS platform. I naturally runs rings around everything else Android.
You get what you pay for.
CES 2017 is January 5th - I'm strongly speculating there will be a nVIDIA announcement then on a refreshed Shield.

The AML S905 Hub is more than up to the task of running Kodi with HD Audio Output. And if you use a Wireless remote / keyboard, even better.
The beauty is that if you have issues with either OS you just Dual Boot and use the other. You can also flash an Unofficial Android TV OS ROM to the Hub and that works well with Dual Boot. Its all about choice.

A bunch of development work is yet to come to WeTek devices, both for the minor Kodi memory leak issue in LibreELEC (has been identified) and on the Android Side of the equation. (Hint) Wink

The other official AMLogic LibreELEC supported Hardware platform is the 2GB S905 ODROID C2. That runs pure Kodi very nicely as well. Smile


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