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(2016-12-07, 16:17)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2016-12-07, 15:33)KILLERNADS Wrote: Is there any benefit of playing 1080p files on a 4K device output? As all my Bluray files are 1080p anyway.
I can think of one - 1080p video output to a 4K TV usually results in better quality video Upscaling due to superior Hardware used in the TV itself. Particularly for modern, Brand name TV's.

I see a lot of reports of picture quality / color output on the Shield, so I ask - these people that are complaining - do they calibrate their TV's properly in the first place ?

So do you mean that it is better for me to use the windows HTPC Kodi resolution set to 1080p instead of 4K? Then either let my Arcam AVR550 or the Epson LS10000 projector do the upscale to 4K?

So is that the same with the nVidia Shield? Do you recommend that i would get better picture quality if i change the Shield to output 1080p only and then use my projector or AVR to do the upscale?

In all fairness it is not the picture quality that is not as good, it is the colours, they are not as good on the nVidia Shield as say my Intel based HTPC machine or even the Zidoo X9S, colours on those device seem better. But its weird cause if i change the resolution of my shield to be 4K @ 24hz i can then select RGB color scheme instead of the Component color scheme that is auto-selected when picking the recommended resolution of [email protected]

I can't talk about others but my home cinema has been calibrated professionally with all the tools required via a company. To be fair though he calibrated the picture when viewing a bluray in a bluray player and not using Kodi directly.

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